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产品型号: 2310 King of the Nighthawk, Germany, Delight Low-light HD Telescope Nighthunter 8X56 Product Model: 2310


Product details

The evolution of the low-light telescope legend

(型号2310 )称得上是德国视得乐70年光学发展和创新传奇不断进化的产物。 After a year of waiting, the new Nighthawk Telescope 8X56 (model 2310 ) can be said to be the product of 70 years of optical development and innovation in Germany's Topel . Stoile uses its unique low-light coating technology to greatly improve the transmittance of the product. When other products are not available, it can help you quickly and accurately find the target or enjoy the vision you want in the early morning and evening or in a dim environment. Feel.

Dusk and dawn are perhaps the most difficult time to observe. At this time, whether the telescope can penetrate faint light or dark night is the key to finding the target. Stoile perfectly presents the Nighthawk concept, allowing users to recognize the outline of the target when the light is poor. 则在光学和人体工程学上保证了更好的效果。 Since its inception, the Nighthawk Series has gathered many unprecedented advantages and features. It is a better high-definition low-light telescope on the market, while the 8X56 guarantees better results in terms of optics and ergonomics.

产品特点: New Nighthawk 8X56 Product Features:

免调焦 Free focus

When the light is poor, the focus will become difficult or unable to focus, and a focus-free (or independent focus) system is necessary for low-light observation. 米到无限远将会一直得到清晰、锐利的图像,甚至观察移动目标时也是如此。 Just adjust the focusing rings on the left and right eyepieces according to the user's diopter. From 20 meters to infinity, you will always get clear and sharp images, even when observing moving targets.

新夜鹰有更宽阔的视野 New Nighthawk has a wider field of vision

在千米视场可达135米(比老款增宽了23米或者增加了17%的视野),视野更宽阔,观察更多,更易发现目标。 The new Nighthawk 8X56 has a field of view of 135 meters per kilometer ( 23 meters wider or 17% wider than the old model), with a wider field of vision, more observations, and easier targets.

可折叠眼杯 Foldable eye cup

When using a telescope, try to avoid the interference of sidelights. The nasty sidelights will affect the comfort and accuracy of observation. The uniquely designed foldable eye cups of Sidel can effectively block the sidelights, so that you can always see a clearer image. And even more comfortable to observe for a long time.

新夜鹰的细节改进: New Nighthawk details improvements:

)新的望远镜快挂背带搭扣移到了望远镜的肩部上方,保证了携带的平衡性和稳定性。 1 ) The new telescopic quick-release strap buckle has been moved over the shoulder of the telescope, ensuring the balance and stability of carrying.

)新夜鹰8X56望远镜的重心进行了设计改进,保证长时间观察时的舒适性和平衡性。 2 ) The design of the center of gravity of the new Nighthawk 8X56 telescope has been improved to ensure comfort and balance during long-term observation.

)新夜鹰的外观设计更现代,更酷。 3 ) The design of New Nighthawk is more modern and cool.

)视得乐夜光识别扣:视得乐最新的夜光识别扣(可以方便地自己装),简单但富有创意,可以在黑暗中发出足够光亮,帮助你在黑暗中迅速找到身边的望远镜。 4 ) Sedre Luminous Recognition Buckle: Sedre's latest luminous recognition buckle (which can be easily installed by yourself) is simple but creative, and can emit enough light in the dark to help you quickly find the telescope around you in the dark.


微光和高透光率 Low light and high light transmittance

)钻石微光镀膜高解析镜片多层全镀膜,可以达到96%甚至更高的透光率,不仅看得清晰,还可以看到更多细节; 1 ) Diamond low-light coating high-resolution lens multilayer full-coating, can reach 96% or higher light transmittance, not only can see clearly, but also can see more details;

)更重要的优点是,每天可以有比一般望远镜更长的观察时间,光线更暗时新夜鹰8X56就表现的更好。 2 ) The more important advantage is that each day can have a longer observation time than ordinary telescopes, and the new Nighthawk 8X56 performs better when the light is darker.

)视得乐独特的物镜纳米保护镀膜,疏水性更好,并提高了镜片的耐磨性,防尘性。 3 ) Stolle's unique objective lens nano-protective coating has better hydrophobicity and improves the abrasion resistance and dust resistance of the lens.

)夜鹰的保罗棱镜系统使得成像三维立体感更强,观察更逼真,可以迅速锁定目标。 4 ) The night prism's Paul prism system makes the imaging three-dimensional sense stronger, the observation more realistic, and can quickly lock the target.

坚固耐用,精密性能 Rugged, precision performance

Stoile has proven itself to be a more robust telescope for almost half a century.

1 )   German research and development, military mirror pedigree;

2 )   Macroro housing, suspension prism system and rubber outer cover;

3 )   Repairable double-valve nitrogen-filled waterproof sealing technology

4 )   疏水镀膜(物镜) Topaz NANO Hydrophobic Coating (Objective)

5 )   年保用时间。 Up to 30 years warranty.

Product parameters:

Model: 2310

Specifications: Nighthunter 8X56

Objective lens diameter: 56mm

Magnification: 8x

Weight: 1090g

Height: 212mm

Width: 200mm

Light transmittance: up to 96%

Light output aperture: 7.0mm

Brightness factor: 49

Low light coefficient: 21.2

米处): 135m Field of view (at 1000 meters): 135m

Focusing method: focus-free

Lens: Diamond low light coating high resolution lens

:物镜保护镀膜 Stoile NANO : Protective coating for objective lens

米 Waterproof: double valve nitrogen filling, hydraulic pressure 5 meters

to +80 ℃ Temperature range: -40to +80

Standard accessories: eyepiece cover, rain cover, strap, telescope bag

Warranty period: 30 years

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