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PD680 Commercial Digital Walkie Talkie

Introduction—— PD680 is built in accordance with the PDT digital standard, with innovative metal frame appearance design, and the texture and grade are fully demonstrated; IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade, can still perform in harsh environments.

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商业数字对讲机 PD680 Commercial Digital Walkie Talkie

PDT 数字标准打造,创新金属边框外观设计,质感和档次彰显无遗; IP67 防尘防水等级,恶劣环境下使用仍能表现优异;先进的数字双时隙技术,通话容量同比模拟增加一倍,成本大大降低;高级加密、远程监听等个性化管理手段以及丰富的二次开发等数据应用功能,让通信具有了无限可能。 PD680 is built according to the PDT digital standard, with innovative metal frame design, and the texture and grade are outstanding; IP67 dust-proof and waterproof level, it can still perform well in harsh environments; advanced digital double-slot technology, the call capacity doubled compared to the same period last year The cost is greatly reduced; personalized management methods such as advanced encryption and remote monitoring, and rich data application functions such as secondary development make communication with unlimited possibilities.

special function

精致) Slim design (professional + refined)

在外观设计上不断突破,金属外框,超薄机身(含标配电池重310g Hytera continues to make breakthroughs in appearance design, metal frame, ultra-thin body ( including standard battery weight 310g )

Reliable and durable quality assurance

品质严格符合美国军用标准MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G PD680 quality is in strict accordance with US military standards MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G

Longer battery life

电池可获得近40%的额外工作时间,可待机16h Compared with analog walkie-talkies, PD680 battery can get nearly 40% extra working time and can stand by for 16h

DMO True 2-Slot

支持一个信道下的2组通话,节省频率资源 In pass-through mode, PD680 supports 2 groups of calls under one channel, saving frequency resources

Dual-slot virtual cluster function

The dual-slot virtual cluster technology can allocate the currently idle time slot to the group members who need to talk, which better improves the frequency band utilization. Help you deliver important information in a timely manner in some emergencies

Open secondary development interface

对讲机 功能 Provide an open secondary development interface on the side, allowing users or third-party vendors to develop richer application software to extend the radio's functions

数字双模制式(平滑过渡) Analog + digital dual mode (smooth transition)

Supports both digital and analog modes, compatible with existing conventional analog systems, ensuring smooth transition from analog products to digital products

Voice encryption function

高级)语音加密和扰频加密功能,为商业用户通话的私密性提供保障 Provides basic ( advanced ) voice encryption and scrambling encryption functions to provide privacy for business users

Voice broadcast

Support voice channel broadcast, easy to understand the current channel

One-touch call

Supported one-touch calling features including text messaging, voice calling, and supplementary services

Rich applications

解码) ,远程监听(解码) 、空中写频和优先打断等补充业务 Support supplementary services such as walkie-talkie activation and remote monitoring ( decoding ) , remote monitoring ( decoding ) , over-the-air write frequency and priority interrupt

Supports multiple advanced analog signaling

包括HDC1200, 2-Tone5-Tone,提供更搭的功能扩展空间 Support a variety of analog signaling , including HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, to provide more functional expansion space

Automatic roaming

支持在IP互联系统下的所有站点自动漫游 PD680 supports automatic roaming of all sites under the IP interconnection system

定位* (出厂选项) GPS positioning * (factory option)

模块,支持GIS应用程序 Built-in GPS module to support GIS applications

Digital sound technology, better voice

采用了先进窄带语音编解码技术和数字纠错技术,无论实在嘈杂的环境中,还是在覆盖范围的边缘地带,您均可获得清晰的语音。 PD680 uses advanced narrowband speech codec technology and digital error correction technology. No matter in a noisy environment or at the edge of the coverage area, you can get clear speech. 技术的利用,也极大优化了语音接收效果。 The use of AGC technology has also greatly optimized the voice reception effect. 大功率扬声器,保证声音清晰、洪亮,让您轻松保持通讯畅通 Built-in 1W high-power speaker to ensure clear and loud sound, allowing you to easily maintain smooth communication

General specifications

Frequency Range

UHF: 400-527MHz, VHF: 136-174MHz

Number of channels


Channel spacing

20/25 /12.5 KHz

Area capacity


Operating Voltage

(额定) 7.4V (rated)

Standard battery

锂电池 1500mAh lithium battery

Battery working time

小时 Simulation: 11 hours
小时 Number: 16 hours


(带标配电池和天线) 310g (with standard battery and antenna)


119 x55 x27mm

Frequency stability

± 0.5 ppm

Antenna impedance


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