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Nighthawk Infrared Camera

Introduction—— Five shooting modes. By enabling infrared sensing, automatic, motion detection and other technologies, the system options can be set: photo, video, timing, shooting mix, motion detection (applicable to amphibious climbing

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Five shooting modes. By enabling infrared sensing, automatic, motion detection and other technologies, the system options can be set: camera, video, timing, shooting mix, motion detection (applicable to amphibious crawling and temperature-changing animals). 万像素,自动拍摄高清晰度的图片和录像拍照,相机抓拍迅速,一旦有动物(人体)进入探测区域时,其拍照摄像功能将立即启动(启动时间为0.6 ~ 0.8秒)拍摄照片或视频,并可以定时拍照;电动镜头,夜晚LED灯启动后完全看不到灯亮,最佳可达25米。 Using infrared pyroelectric sensing animal and human sensing technology, combined with 12 million pixels, automatically take high-definition pictures and videos to take pictures, the camera snaps quickly, and once an animal (human body) enters the detection area, its camera function will immediately Start-up (start-up time is 0.6 ~ 0.8 seconds) Take photos or videos, and you can take photos regularly; motorized lens, the LED lights can not be seen at night after startup, the best can reach 25 meters.


940nm 型LED ,夜间拍摄时无光亮,不易被目标发现; 1.Using 940nm LED light , no light when shooting at night, it is not easy to be found by the target;

2. Photos and images can be set to display the latitude and longitude, air pressure, temperature, moon phase, photo time, camera name, etc. where the camera is located;

张连拍,确保重要画面不遗漏; 3. The color and black and white images can be selected, and up to 9 continuous shots can be set to ensure that important pictures are not missing

万像素CMOS芯片, 2.0TFT彩色显示屏,高清设计,照片和影像全高清; 4, 12 million pixel CMOS chip, 2.0 -inch TFT color display, high-definition design, full HD photos and images;

存储卡,可设置自动循环存储功能或存满自动关机功能; 5. Support up to 32G SD memory card, can set automatic cycle storage function or automatic shutdown function when full;  

6, compact design, multiple shortcut keys, high-sensitivity touch button operation, super convenient to use, keys are not easy to damage, camouflage camouflage, strong concealment;

节碱性电池正常气温下可待机12个月)、支持DC 12V电源; 7, long standby time (using 8 alkaline batteries can stand by for 12 months under normal temperature), support DC 12V power supply;

℃或低的极寒工作状态,三防等级IP66 ,通过CEFCCRoHs环保认证。 8, can withstand extreme cold working conditions of -30 ℃ or lower, three-proof grade IP66 , passed CE , FCC , RoHs environmental certification.


Technical Parameters:

Picture and video output

Image Format


Picture resolution

8MP=3264×2448 5MP=2592×1944 12MP = 4032 × 3024 , 8MP = 3264 × 2448 , 5MP = 2592 × 1944

Image format


Image resolution

1280*720 15 or 24fps AVI 1920 * 1280P , 1280 * 720 , 15 or 24fps ( AVI )

Image color

Color during the day, black and white at night, automatic conversion

Picture or video display

Temperature, pressure, moon phase, camera name, shooting time, latitude and longitude coordinates, etc.

Function settings

Timer photo function

1 -24 小时 Can be set at intervals of 1 second to 24 hours

Continuous shooting

张可选 1-9 sheets optional

Shooting range

~无限远 0 to infinity

Digital zoom

1-4 times

长度 VIDEO length

秒可设 5-90 seconds can be set

录音功能 VIDEO recording function

Can be set on and off

卡存储循环功能 SD card storage cycle function

Optional on and off

Camera number

You can set a digital number or English name to manage the number of the camera.

password setting

Optional encryption to prevent data loss or theft after camera theft

Menu language

Chinese Version

Hardware parameters

Shooting mode

Photo, video, timing, shooting mix, motion detection

Image Sensor

感应器 CMOS sensor


F=2.4 FOV=60°PIR 65° Day and night optical infrared lens with automatic control, F = 2.4 , FOV = 60 ° PIR : 65 °

display screen

彩色 LCD 2.0 "TFT color LCD

Photosensitive conditions

940nm 不可见光 LED 34 940nm invisible light LED lights

感应角度 PIR sensing angle

65 °

感应速度 PIR induction speed

0.6- 0.8 seconds

最佳感应距离 PIR best sensing distance

1 25 米,夜间 1 20 米; 1 to 25 meters during the day and 1 to 20 meters at night ;

间隔时间 PIR interval

-60 分钟可设 1 second to 60 minutes



Expansion memory card

卡,最大可扩展至 32G SD card, expandable up to 32G

Playback mode

LCD display, computer, TV

Audio output

LineOut ,与视频输出采用相同接口 With LineOut , using the same interface as the video output

TV out


Other ports of the fuselage

输出、 USB 输出 TV output, USB output

power supply

AA 电池( 5 号),亦可 12V 直流电源输入 8 AA batteries (size 5 ), also 12V DC power input

Operating temperature

(最高: -40 - 70°C -30- 60 ° C (highest: -40-70 ° C )

Operating humidity

5% ~ 90%

Protection class


Appearance packaging

Product color


Anti-theft protection

SD 卡不被随意取走,背面可加锁链,防止机器被盗 The upper and lower covers can be locked to protect the SD card from being removed arbitrarily.

net weight



mm 138 × 110 × 80 ( mm )

Package dimensions

mm 215 × 145 × 85 ( mm )

Total package weight


Standard accessories

Random Accessories

USB 数据线、 A/V 视频线、安装扣带,保修卡 Chinese instruction manual, USB data cable, A / V video cable, installation buckle, warranty card


及国内质检报告 FCC, CE, ROHS, WEEE and domestic quality inspection report

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